ICON’S Funding Methodology

ICON provides 100% joint venture commercial financing for exceptional domestic and international projects.

ICON Commercial Lending Inc is a Commercial Project Acquisition Company working with its exclusive Capital Partners, who are large long established private European banking/financing groups, offering builders and developers a combination of debt & equity financing for U.S. and select international projects.

ICON's Capital Partners structure every project’s financing facility according to each project’s specific needs with both debt & equity (without exception); providing Clients a 40% equity split in every project with Client placing funds in the amount of 1.5% of financing into an insured escrow, via a JV Partnership arrangement.

ICON has unique resources, intellectual property, proprietary knowledge and information plus key contacts with vast experience in a wide range of areas in finance, which allow it to successfully structure its project financing.  ICON works through its international banking channels to facilitate ICON’s JV project financing.  

ICON's Capital Partners provides joint venture structured financing up to 100% Loan to Cost (LTC) for high-end  exceptional construction & development projects through a JV Partnership with the project developer. 

ICON works exclusively with proven developers and business operators who have demonstrated superior follow-through in completing past projects as well as consistently representing strong personal character and unwavering ethics.

ICON sees many great projects, but only works with the very best (most ICONIC) projects with the greatest profitability and overall success. ICON carefully reviews many aspects about the “Project”, and its potential JV “Partners” before agreeing to provide an offer to provide financing.

If you have a fantastic project, and want to partner-up w/ ICON for financing, give it the best chance of being approved by giving ICON's Loan Committee ALL the right documentation, including:  

1. Project Submission Worksheet (PSW)

2. Detailed Executive Summary, with Marketing Plan and Exit Strategies

    w/ Feasibility Studies / Appraisals / Rental Market Studies 

3. Supporting Spreadsheets – Use of Funds Schedule; Revenue and Expenses

4. Monthly Operating Construction Budget (Construction Draw Schedule)

ICON's project reviews, evaluations, underwrites decisions, and overall considerations done for ICON to possibly enter in to a JV Partnership w/ developer is predicated upon these documents:

Every Developer/Client will have a specific Project Acquisition Specialist assigned to facilitate loan requests. 

Your assigned Project Acquisition Specialist will assist you in properly preparing and submitting your project's underwing package to ICON's Loan Committee for the quickest and best financing approval ... 

ICON has 3 primary underwriting considerations:

1. PROJECT: classification type (construction or business), market demand, stabilization time, growth potential, projected equity & long-term profitability, humanitarian benefits.

2. PARTNER: experience as a developer & business operator, development track record, reputation with industry colleagues, skin-in-the-game, financial ability to participate.

3. PROJECT MANAGEMENT: experience and track record in managing projects of this type, ability to provide the most effective – least expensive management solutions.

ICON's Capital Partners are not interested in managing any Projects directly.  Therefore, they rely heavily upon both the developer’s & builder’s experience, and the team of professionals managing of the completed Project.  This is all brought together by way of a JV partnership arrangement.

ICON’s Capital Partner want to partner-up with top-notch business people (as their financial partner) who are actively engaged in developing prime commercial projects but lack suitable financing. They prefer partners who think long-term; proven performers who have vision & capacity plus a driving desire to achieve great success.

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