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1. Is ICON a Direct Lender?

YES, Icon Commercial Lending, Inc (ICON) is a Full-Service Private Direct Commercial Lender working with our exclusive capital partners who are a large long-established banking group in Switzerland. ICON was incorporated in 2006, and operates internationally from its office in New York City.

We finance and invest as venture capitalist in exceptional income producing real estate projects throughout the United States, and internationally in Canada, Mexico and Europe on a case-by-case basis. ICON has successfully developed projects worldwide, including several hotel resort projects in Austria over the past several years. 

ICON is committed to provide the construction/development industry’s most straight-forward, personal and customized solutions to developers in need of prompt funding, with a quick response in today’s marketplace.

ICON has unique resources, intellectual property, proprietary knowledge and information, key contacts with experience in a wide range of areas in finance, which allow it to successfully structure its project financing. ICON works through its international banking channels to provide ICON’s JV financing.

ICON's Loan Committee see a lot of project loan requests - w/ some good, some bad, and some fantastic. And, 

its these fantastic (ICONIC) projects that ICON has the greatest apatite for...

So, if you have a fantastic project , and want to work w/ ICON to have it financed, in order to give it the best chance of being approved is by giving ICON's Loan Committee ALL the right documentation, which includes:  

1. Project Submission Worksheet (PSW)

2. Detailed Executive Summary, with Marketing Plan and Exit Strategies

    w/ Feasibility Studies / Appraisals / Rental Market Studies 

3. Supporting Spreadsheets – Use of Funds Schedule; Revenue and Expenses

4. Monthly Operating Construction Budget (Construction Draw Schedule)

All of ICON's review of the proposed project; our evaluations, underwrites decisions, and overall considerations for ICON to possibly enter in to a JV Partnership w/ developer is predicated upon these documents:

As part of ICON's Underwriting Process, every Developer / Client will have a Loan Coordinator Assigned to facilitate each project loan request. You Loan Coordinator's job is to assist you in properly preparing and submitting your project's underwing package to ICON's Loan Committee. 


ICON's Loan Coordinators know what projects ICON is willing to consider and what ICON's Loan Committee is looking for when evaluating any new financing requests, so utilize your ICON Loan Coordinator ... they can assist you in assuring that your project is presented in the best way, to give it the best assurance of approval. 


2. How Does ICON Structure Its Project Financing?

ICON operates as a venture capitalist, offering a combination of debt with equity financing for both U.S. and

select international locations. ICON structures every project’s financing facility according to each project’s specific needs with both debt and equity (without exception); generally taking from 50% to 70% equity in every project via a JV Partnership arrangement.

ICON’s strategy is to partner-up with top-level businesspeople (as their financial partner) who are actively engaged in developing prime commercial projects but lack suitable financing. ICON prefers partners who think long-term; proven performers who have vision and capacity, plus a driving desire to achieve great success.

“Building for Humanity’s Sake” is ICON’s mantra. ICON provides structured Joint Venture financing up to 100% Loan to Cost (LTC) for exceptional long-term cash-flowing construction and development projects in all

50 United States and select international locations by way of a JV Partnership with the developer.

ICON works exclusively with proven developers and business operators who have demonstrated superior

follow-through in completing past projects and consistently representing strong personal character and unwavering ethics. Since ICON is not interested in managing any projects directly, ICON relies heavily upon both the developer’s and General Contractor’s experience, as well an established proven team of professionals who will be managing the completed project, providing for long-term cash-flow with exceptional profitability.

This is all brought together with a JV partnership arrangement. Client understands the necessity of working together as a Special Purpose Business Entity (SPE) for the completion of client’s project financing and agrees to enter into a JV Partnership with ICON for this purpose. Thus, ICON and client will form a new SPE which will work with ICON in completing the project’s financing and then work together to build-out the entire project according to the project’s predetermined budget and construction draw schedule.

In certain cases, the project developers may have already organized an SPE solely for their project. If so, and if this existing SPE contains certain valuable assets related to the project, which would require fees to be paid to transfer ownership of these assets into a new SPE, then it may be in the overall best interest of the JV Partnership to simply continue on with the existing SPE and allow ICON to join in as an equity partner.

ICON and developer will enjoy the same privileges and ownership rights (in proportion to shares) of all of the assets of the project, as well as any and all other leases, contracts, Power of Attorney, and other agreements pertaining to the assets and operations associated with developing every project.

3. What Is ICON’s Funding Criteria?

ICON provides structured financing for exceptional income producing commercial projects and other acceptable

humanitarian business purposes; primarily prime construction/development projects on a case-by-case basis.

ICON sees dozens of great projects, but only works with the very best ones that have the greatest profitability and long-term cash flow. Therefore, ICON carefully reviews many aspects about both the “Project”, the “JV Partnership”, and project's post-construction management team before agreeing to provide developer with an offer to provide project financing.

ICON Has Three Primary Underwriting Considerations:

1. PROJECT: ICON considers the project's classification type (construction, business or humanitarian), market demand, stabilization time, growth potential, projected equity, workforce engagement, humanitarian benefits,  long-term cash flow and overall profitability.

2. PARTNER: ICON looks for JV partners with proven successful experience as a developer and business operator with a well-established development track record, reputation with industry colleagues, developers current investment in the subject property, other skin-in-the-game, and developer's current financial ability/stability.

3. PROJECT MANAGEMENT: ICON requires the proposed project management team to have proven experience and a well-established track record in managing projects of the project's type and magnitude, their overall ability to provide the most effective – least expensive management solutions, with the least financial burden on project.

4. What Is ICON’s Financing Structure?


Loan Amount:               $25,000,000 - $50,000,000 up to $250,000,000 USD

Loan Type:                    Construction/Development Projects

Loan Participation:       2% Borrower Participation

Loan Structure:            Debt with Equity Financing w/ 30% to 50% JV Equity to CLIENT

Loan Term:                   Five (5) Years – Sixty (60) Months

Loan Draw Period:       Eighteen (18) to Forty Eight (48) Months (TBD)

Fixed Interest Rate:     Six Percent (6.0%)

Repayment Terms:       INTEREST ONLY Payments for Twenty-Four (24) to Forty-Eight (48) Months (TBD); 

                                     Thereafter, P&I Monthly Payments w/ 30-year Amortization

NO Prepayment Penalty

NO Personal Guarantee

NO Personal Recourse

Once project is stabilized for six (6) months,

                   ICON will provide SPE with take-out refinancing ...                      

CASH-OUT financing up to 75% LTV* w/ excellent terms.

5. What Is The Process Following Client’s Acceptance of ICON’s LOI – Fee Agreement?

ICON will speak directly with client to assist them in understanding the meaning of this LOI – Fee Agreement; including ICON’s underwriting, closing and funding process, timeline for project funding, ICON’s JV Equity Partnership, Developer's Participation, and other pertinent matters. Following this review, if developer decides to proceed with ICON as outlined therein, ICON’s due diligence process will begin.

Client is requested to provide ICON with the following updated information –

1. Detailed Executive Summary, with Marketing Plan and Exit Strategies

    PSW w/ Feasibility Studies / Appraisals / Rental Market Studies 

2. Supporting Spreadsheets – Use of Funds Schedule; Revenue and Expenses

3. Monthly Operating Construction Budget (Construction Draw Schedule)

4. Management’s / Developer’s Background and Experience (resumes)

5. Functional and Positional Organizational Charts (employees & contractors)

6. Current (within 60 days) Corporate and Personal Financial Statements

7. Historic Corporate and Personal Financials and Tax Returns for past 3 year

8. Feasibility Study / Appraisal / Rental Market Study / Photos / Renderings / Permits

9. Articles of Incorporation or Organization, w/ Bylaws or Operating Agreement

10. Proof of Funds (Developer's Participation) –

Bank Statement or Account Tear Sheet from client’s bank (no older than 3 days) or a letter from client’s bank where client’s funds are currently held, signed by two (2) bank officers verifying client’s funds are sufficient to satisfy ICON’s 2% Borrower Participation Payment requirement. Client's Bank letter will affirm that client’s funds are free and clear of all encumbrances and available immediately for client’s discretionary use.

Upon ICON's preliminary acceptance of the project, ICON will schedule a conference call with client to review project’s loan underwriting and request any additional information. Client will have the opportunity to discuss their project’s unique dynamics with members of ICON’s Loan Committee in presenting their loan request.

Upon client's payment of ICON's due diligence fee and ICON’s receipt of client’s supporting documentation     

(1 thru 10 above), ICON will provide client with ICON’s loan transaction documents, including the Joint Venture Agreement, Escrow Agreements, and Funding Agreement for client’s review and completion.

It is understood and agreed that ICON will provide client a Loan Commitment/Funding Agreement with the terms described above or with any other terms or structured financing which client may accept. No Loan Commitment provide by ICON is binding on client (regardless of the terms) until client accepts it in writing.

ICON will proceed with closing and funding only if client accepts the Loan Commitment/Funding Agreement.

6. What Are ICON’s Up-Front Fees?

ICON reviews, evaluates, pre-underwrites, and pre-approves all acceptable loan transactions with


o NO Application Fees

o NO Processing Fees

o NO Underwriting Fees

If your loan request is approved by ICON’s Loan Committee, you will receive an LOI – Fee Agreement outlining

the details of your project’s proposed structured financing facility. The project’s LOI will detail ICON’s proposed loan terms, fees and conditions.

Due Diligence Fees – Upon client’s acceptance of ICON’s LOI Fee Agreement, following a thorough discussion between ICON and developer via conference call client agrees to pay ICON’s reasonable and customary expenses for ICON’s comprehensive due-diligence process, which will include ICON's senior management team conducting a site visit for the purpose of meeting principal borrower(s) and their executive team, as well as local municipality officials, proposed engineering/architecture/construction groups, on-site project evaluations, general discussions, document execution, and prefunding follow-up.

Regardless of the number of trips and/or personnel engaged by ICON or the actual expenses for ICON’s purposes, client’s one-time (non-refundable) cost for ICON’s Prefunding Due Diligence Fees will be limited to $25,000 for projects within the 50 U.S. States, Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands, and from $35,000 to $50,000+ for all international projects depending on location(s), predetermined solely by ICON on a case-by-case basis.

7. How Long Will it Take For My Project to Get Funded?

Funding will occur approximately 45 to 75 days after client’s acceptance of ICON’s JV Agreement and Project Funding Agreement which provides an “Irrevocable and Firm Commitment to Provide Project Financing”.

8. I Have A Terrific Project, But It’s Under ICON’s $25M Minimum Loan Amount.

Is It Possible To Combine Two Projects To Reach ICON’s $25M Minimum?

Maybe. It depends upon your specific situation.

ICON has allowed certain (very experienced) builders to construct multiple projects concurrently, however this scenario would be “the exception and not the rule”. The two project’s proximity is a critical determining factor, as well as the availability of qualified labor sources, local political and economic conditions, etc.

Also, for many projects, once ICON works with the developer to see the “vision” of their project’s full potential, they often will quickly see that they have underestimated their financing request perhaps based upon the notion that banks simply won’t lend all the money needed to complete a truly “ICONIC” project.

Plus, since ICON only wants to partner up to fully develop exceptional commercial projects (instead of simply wanting to provide 1st stage mezzanine financing, which only allows the project to get off the ground floor, but not completed), developers are able to see ICON’s commitment to never leave a project “half-way-completed”.

We are committed to working to develop projects that become a local “ICON” - thereby, meeting everyone’s fullest expectations and the JV partnership's long-term interests.

Furthermore, normally developers only ask for the actual costs associated with the project, but forget to also include the pre-stabilization financing costs and interest reserve payments. And, since ICON is willing to also finance the project’s INTEREST ONLY Debt Service Payments - this is a total game-changer. When these numbers are all figured in, many times it can move the total loan amount above the $25M threshold.

ICON works with developers to determine how to best develop the project’s financing request with the project’s complete “ICONIC” funding in mind. Your ICON Loan Coordinator will assist you in best packaging and presenting your project to ICON’s Loan Committee with a "all-in" loan amount that will be acceptable to ICON.

For these reasons, it is vital for prospective Clients to work closely with their Loan Coordinator in completing ICON’s Project Underwriting Worksheet (PSW, which is required for ICON’s underwriting consideration, to ensure they have adequately portrayed the project's financing request.

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