Construction & Development

Property / Business Acquisition 

Up to 100% JV Project Financing


Loan Amount:               $25,000,000 - $50,000,000 up to $250,000,000 USD

Loan Type:                    Construction/Development Projects

Loan Participation:       2% Borrower Participation

Loan Structure:            Debt with Equity Financing w/ 30% to 50% JV Equity to CLIENT

Loan Term:                   Five (5) Years – Sixty (60) Months

Loan Draw Period:       Eighteen (18) to Forty Eight (48) Months (TBD)
Maximum LTC:             Up to 100%

Fixed Interest Rate:     Six Percent (6.0%)

Loan Purpose(s):          Qualified income producing projects and other acceptable business purposes,
                                     including international construction / development on a case-by-case basis

Repayment Terms:       INTEREST ONLY Payments for Twenty-Four (24) to Forty-Eight (48) Months (TBD); 

                                     Thereafter, P&I Monthly Payments w/ 30-year Amortization

NO Prepayment Penalty

NO Personal Guarantee

NO Personal Recourse

                    Once project is stabilized for six (6) months, ICON will provide SPV with take-out refinancing ...                             Providing JV Partners with CASH-OUT financing up to 75% LTV* w/ excellent terms.


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Projects Considered

ICON Commercial Lending funds loans as a Private Direct Lender Offering Up To 100% Financing on International & Domestic projects.


Loan Purpose(s)

  • Development / Construction

  • Construction Completion / Takeout

  • PURCHASE Property or Business

  • Business Acquisition and/or Development


Project Type(s)

  • ​Office Buildings

  • Industrial / Warehouse

  • Retail – Shopping Centers

  • Flag & Boutique Hotels

  • Luxury Resorts & Spas

  • Senior Assisted Living Facilities

  • Hospital – Medical / Dr’s Clinics

  • 25+ Unit Multifamily Apartments

  • Student Housing Complexes

  • Golf Course Communities

  • Convention Centers

  • Mixed Use Developments

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